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5 Easy Steps To Place Order

  • Step 1

    User will submit their
    Address Details

    User will provide their postcode and address details

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  • Step 2

    User will choose laundry services

    User will select services which they wish to opt.

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  • Step 3

    Collection & Delivery

    User will select their convenient date & time for pickup & delivery.

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  • Step 4

    Provide their
    Personal Information

    User will give name, email address, address and mobile number, for easy order processing.

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  • Step 5

    Order Placed

    Once user have successfully placed laundry order online, you'll receive an immediate order confirmation via email.

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Accelerate the growth of your laundry business through our app.

We understand the challenges laundry owners face in managing orders efficiently while maintaining a seamless customer experience. That's why we've developed a powerful and user-friendly laundry management solution tailored specifically for your business.

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Fully Customizable
With our user-friendly app, you can customize your whole app with your own branding in just a few clicks. Take full control of your laundry business with our comprehensive admin panel.
Online & Offline Placing of Orders
Our ordering panel is designed to simplify the process of receiving and managing laundry orders. Client can directly place order via app or admin can also do from admin panel.
Order Status Online Update
Our system ensures that your clients are always in the loop, allowing them to track the progress of their laundry from anywhere reducing your supports calls.
No Data Loss
Your privacy and security are paramount to us, and we continuously strive to maintain the highest standards to prevent any data loss or unauthorized access. We prioritize the protection of your data.

iClothGenie - The Ultimate Solution for Laundry Business Owners

At iClothGenie, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the way laundry businesses operate. Our cutting-edge app is designed to streamline your laundry management, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost your business growth. Say goodbye to manual processes and welcome a new era of efficiency and convenience.

Why choose us:

1.Seamless Order Management: With our customized ordering panel, laundry owners can effortlessly manage incoming orders, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow. Say hello to organized operations and goodbye to chaos.

2.Brand Identity Integration: We understand the importance of brand recognition. Our app allows you to customize the ordering panel with your logo and branding, maintaining a consistent and professional image across all touchpoints.

3.Personalized Customer Experience: Elevate your customer experience by offering a personalized ordering process. Customers can select their preferred services, pickup, and drop-off times, providing them with the flexibility they desire.

4.Hassle-Free Invoicing: Generate detailed and itemized invoices effortlessly. Our app simplifies the billing process, helping you maintain accurate records and facilitating smooth transactions.

5.Dedicated Customer Support: Our team is always here to assist you. From onboarding to ongoing support, we're committed to ensuring that you make the most of our app's features.

Take your laundry business to new heights with our state-of-the-art app. Embrace the future of laundry management and see your business thrive. Get in touch with our team for a personalized demo and discover how iClothGenie can transform your operations.

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Ideal for individuals who need quick access to basic features.

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Ideal for laundry owners who need quick access to basic features.

$41 / Month

Ideal for entrepreneur who need complete control over application.


Ideal for individuals who need quick access to basic features.

$0 / Month

Ideal for laundry owners who need quick access to basic features.

$450 / Yearly

Ideal for entrepreneur who need complete control over application.


You can contact us via email address or we can also arrange a demo meeting for subscription.

Our pricing model is based on subscription, which you can choose monthly , yearly or enterprise model. We dont charge on revenue.

We have instruction guide on how to use application. Online demo is also provided. At no-additional cost support is given via phone , email & online meets.

Yes, We provide a free trial period, typically range is 1 month, during which you can test the software and its features. This trial period helps you evaluate if the software meets your business needs before making a subscription commitment. After 1 month you can take Months/Yearly subscription.

Subscribing to the iCloth Genie, there are several benefits, including:
  • Customer panel and admin panel access are available after subscription.
    User can totally customize data in customer panel after subscription like change logo, change color, edit profile details, edit order details etc...
    Access to the latest updates and features.
    User can add more features.

Yes, our application is provide for lifetime subscription. You can use this subscription by Enterprise Solution plan.

We provide generally accept major credit/debit cards and online payment methods. Some may also support other payment options, such as bank transfers or invoicing.

If your subscription expires or you miss a payment, you may lose access to our application and its features.

Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time without being tied to long-term commitments. Contact us to our team if you want to cancel the plan or If you do not pay the premium of the next month, the subscription plan will be cancelled.

Yes, only one user can use this subscription plan.

Yes, You can switch to a different plan. If you are using 3 months plan but you want switch to the 6 month subscription plan then you can.

No, There no specific time limit to use the application. You can use this application 24 hours and Enjoy the features.